Kota Lama



Kota Lama is a unique historic area with a great economical and cultural potential but right now this potential is not exploited. To become an interesting place worthy visiting, there are several goals to achieve. Using the existing authentic characteristics of a place offers you potential directions for the future. Structures, objects, stories, myths and ideas rooted in the past will help to build a unique and applicable profile for development of Kota Lama and the branding of the city in general. A distinctive identity will attract residents, investors and visitors. Together with local stakeholders we discussed five concepts for the future, based on distinctive qualities rooted in the past.

to be the most appealing and offer the best potential for the future. These two are combined in a new concept: Historical gateway to inspiration. The emotional drives nominated by the stakeholder groups fit perfectly within this concept; save, secure and order are preconditions for the development. To develop Kota Lama towards a gateway to inspiration, the values vital, attractive, creative and innovative are at the heart.

Historic gateway to inspiration

Semarang as a gateway is a strongly rooted and recognizable identity. A gateway
has meaning on different levels: geographically and figurative. Kota Lama should
be connected to the other parts of the city. It should become a meeting place, a
strong node in the network of the city. Semarang as a whole should be a gateway
to the region for the tourist. Kota Lama has to become a destination on your journey
and a-state-of-the art starting point to explore the region. It has global identity
and offers a link to the world. It refers to a vibrant place with many cultures,
passing goods and ideas.

A historic gateway to inspiration refers directly to the unique
spatial qualities of Kota Lama. Once repaired it has the potential
to inspire. The human scale of the district, the presence of
many public buildings and the quality of the urban space offer
an excellent opportunity to become a dynamic place again
where people meet up, become inspired and develop and
exchange ideas.

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