Our mission


Shared vision


A shared vision

A shared vision for the future of Kota Lama will only work when it is based on
the unique qualities and true identity of the area. Such a vision will be the
compass, directing development for the long term but is also a tool at short-notice.

Different groups of stakeholders can be distinguished within
Kota Lama. They all care about Kota Lama and are willing to
act within their power, but to achieve a durable, viable area
development they need a clear vision, embraced and shared
by as many stakeholders as possible. The only way to increase
value of the area, interested parties need to work together in a
consistent direction. There needs to be widespread agreement
about the future on a higher level to make sure that Kota Lama
will benefit in an economic, social or cultural way.

In November 2015 we brought together various stakeholder
groups to talk about Kota Lama: real estate owners and developers,
local and national entrepreneurs and retailers, inhabitants
of Kota Lama and Semarang, representatives of these inhabitants,
local artists (‘creatives’), students, academics, lecturers
and professors, heritage professionals, tourism professionals,
municipal and provincial officials (among them the municipal
Planning Department and Tourism Police). We worked with 9
groups, to which about 110 people participated, all sharing
their stories and giving their opinions about the future of Kota
Lama. The vision produced here is based on their input.