About us


Our method

The Missing Link uses three main steps that transform the existing authentic
characteristics of a place into an unique and applicable profile for new developments.
In our method we combine heritage consultancy, marketing and spatial design.

At first we make an inventory of heritage, marketing and branding and spatial
aspects. The inventory of heritage contains all the important events, stories
and myths, interesting personalities, built monuments, archaeology and unique
landscape features. We analyse the tasks for the area and encourage stakeholders

to define their emotional drives for the area. We combined results in a number of
storylines; themes or concepts that connect the past with the future. Secondly,
alongside local stakeholders, we decide which storyline best represents the place
and tells the true story of the area. Finally, we show how the new chosen identity
storyline will inspire people to start up initiatives, activities, projects and developing
new policy for the area. The result is a co-created shared story with some
concrete plans of action to transform the place into a beautiful area for future
generations to appreciate, to inspire and to enjoy.



The main achievement of our method is that all stakeholders are assisted and
guided towards a shared vision about the future development of their city, district or
neighborhood. Identification is essential throughout our process. When people
feel involved, they are more willing to act: after all, a building is dead without people!
It is only when you’re familiar with its story, that an emotional connection with
the place is made, which is why we do not provide a list of buildings that should
be redeveloped, but rather focus on the story for Kota Lama Semarang and how to
use it.