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Story for Kota Lama

Kissing Sleeping Beauty alive

A story for Kota Lama

In 2015 the Dutch embassy in Jakarta (Indonesia) invited The Missing Link in Woerden (the Netherlands) to develop a strategy for the (re) development of the built heritage of Kota Lama in Semarang. The document, entitled ‘A story for Kota Lama’ is the result of our efforts.

The heritage of Kota Lama speaks to us all, but especially to its daily consumers. That is why local stakeholders are invited to work with us. The present story for Kota Lama was created IN & WITH Kota Lama

Kota Lama

Kota Lama is the old town of Semarang, the capital of central Java. Semarang was and is a trading city: a place where people gather to do business. This is not without reason……

A shared vision

A shared vision for the future of Kota Lama will only work when it is based on the unique qualities and true identity of the area. Such a vision will be the compass, directing development for the long term but is also a tool at short-notice…….


The story for Kota Lama connects present and past and works as a compass for all initiatives and projects in the future. New plans should strengthen the story…..


Together with local stakeholders we discussed five concepts for the future, based on distinctive qualities rooted in the past……